We have years of experience working in a wide variety of business settings. By combining our internet expertise with your specialist knowledge, we can make a powerful combination. Contact us to arrange a no obligation meeting.

We are happy to talk through your current business aspirations and will give you feedback on how the internet can transform what you do now. Most business administrative process can be automated, freeing up time and staff to concentrate on other more important aspects of your business.

An on line presence allows you to be open 24/7 and able to react to customers at anytime. Database driven software, hosted on a server, allows you to manage your business remotely, on any PC with an internet connection - at home or on holiday - staying in contact and control of your business.

Polyspaston only offer cost effective solutions. After initial consultation we will provide you with an assessment of what we think is possible, over what timescale and most importantly at what cost. We are confident that you will be surprised by what a database driven program can do for you, how quickly it can be delivered and at the low cost.








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