Polyspaston have been involved in the e-commerce side of the internet for years. We've experience of launching sites selling a huge variety of goods and services across many industries. We offer three services depending on your level of expertise and time. Further details are below.



Do it yourself

Using our ShopDirector software you can set up your very own shop. The software is powerful but easy to understand. You will need some technical skills - if you're familiar with FTP, HTML and able to set up MySQL databases then this option is for you.

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Do it yourself ... with a little help

We're a flexible company and are always willing to make changes to our standard ShopDirector software. If you're looking for modifications to be made to the code or want us to customise the look and feel of the templates then this is the option for you.

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We do everything for you

If you have an existing business or are a start up and would like to start selling online this this option is for you. We can design you a fully functional website that includes an online shop. Imagine being open 24/7 with the whole world as your market.

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