ISP License for ShopDirector

If you run a web hosting or design company and want to offer e-commerce services to your customers then our 'ISP License' may be something of interest.

Main Features

  • For a one-off fee you can sell up to 100 ShopDirector licenses to your customers as part of a hosting or web-design package
  • You will have access to our online license key generation software
  • You can totally brand the software under your own company image
    • Remove the copyright notices or add your own
    • Change the name of the software
    • Add your own logos and customise the templates
  • We will provide support to you in the event of any queries
  • A full 'brandable' instruction manual

Pricing Details

Licenses Price Per License Total Price Order
100 £3.99 £399 Click here
200 £3.49 £698 Click here
500 £2.99 £1495 Click here

For further details please contact sales@polyspaston.com.

N.B. This license does not allow you to resell the software as it is - it must be part of a larger package.


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