Do it yourself ... with a little help

Using our ShopDirector software as a base we are able to make changes to suit your requirements.

Below are a few examples of what we can achieve.

  • Modify any of the code so the shopping process works differently.
  • Add further code to the base software to suit specific industry requirements.
  • Amend how postage or delivery is handled.
  • Write scripts to import existing product data into the ShopDirector database.
  • And much more ..

In addition we're able to customise the look of the templates to suit your requirements. Our in-house designers are experts in the workings of the shop so this option will allow you to get up and running in the quickest time possible.

We always quote on a per job basis, but as a rough guide our hourly rate for programming modifications or design work is £50 + VAT. For further details or a quote please contact us.



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